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History, Philosophy

In 1991 based on some partner relationship we two private individuals made a decision to establish a company for bringing in mould casted aluminium products.

First we operated as a company located in Szombathely. We collected customers' demands and products from the German, Dutch, Swiss and Austrian market mainly concerning the furniture and constructing industry and produced them in the required quality. Besides casting there was a need for grinding, polishing, sand or shot blusting and accidently powder coating of the different items.

Since demand has been increasing and becoming more and more multiple from 1998 we started to work on a private site in the area of 1000 m2 outdoors and in that of 800 m2 indoors in Ják situated near Szombathely which we have already equipped to our ideas of production. Here we spent about 10 successful years while continually outgrowing the factory. On the given ground in Ják we did not have any possibilities of extension so we formed a resolution to establish within the framework of a bigger, more comprehensive project an establishment in the industrial area of Rádóckölked which satiesfies all demands and requirements of our age.

The location of the settlement is very favourable. It is situated between Szombathely and Körmend, 5 kms from the highway No 86 and 10 kms from No 8. On an outdoor ground of 6000 m2 and on an indoor of 1200 m2 the foundry as well as the other specialied departments are concentrated here as a consistent productive activity.

Beside these we established in a 180 m2 hall a cutting division where we are working on automatic mashines to manufacture the moulds and products for our own and our customers.

At the company, working as a family enterprise, 26 people do their best to meet the customers' demands in the best quality possible and at a reliable way. We melt and finish about 150 to aluminium every year. Besides furniture, mashine and construction industry our firm also produces cast aluminium items for illuminating technologie and interior decoration.

We ’ve got ISO 14001 certificate.

Our team

Ottó Schmidt
Managing director

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Attila Németh
Factory manager

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Andrea Schmidt

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Otto Schmidt Jr.
Next generation

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Gyula Németh
sample and mould engineer

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