Furniture industry

The majority of our production is concentrated on this field. We cast different furniture legs, elbow rests, back parts, knobs for sofas, office chairs, tables, kitchen furniture. These will be shot blusted,  polished, grinded matt or cut....


Constructing industry

Different kinds of scaffold structure units, building materials and extra pieces are manufactured in this special field. We normally deliver these in a heat treated form with a quality certificate for the material. Used alloys are DIN 230 and LM...


Illuminating technologie

The range of our products mainly consists of exterior ans interior lamps, lampbrackets and their connection pieces. More than half of them are delivered in casted while the others in sand diffused or powder coated form. Main alloys are: DIN 230,...


Products for interior and outside decoration

Primarily aluminium shelf holders are produced - using DIN 230 and 231 materials - in ten different kinds of size from 100 to 500 mm. These are delivered with polished surface or powder coated in the colour preferred. Fence peaks and other...

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