We carry out mould casting process with different composition and kinds of alloy. The material is obtained from the manufacturer in form of blocks with the appropriate quality certificate. In four 250 kg furnaces we performe gas smelted casting. In the course of production the metal melted down is processed by modification and degassing tablets and salt.

First of all we manufacture in the cutting division the moulds and tags we need for our own production but we also undertake wagework in quantity or in special constructions as well using materials as aluminium, steel and iron.


First of all we work on the grounds of the drawings of our partners but we also offer our own ideas and conceptions.
Casted produts will be all finished which includes planishing, drilling, slivering. After that we sand or shot blust the row pieces to get a homogenous surface or we grind and polish them for a bright surface similar to chromed items.

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